Reactions to Shan Declaration

Currently, there is not unity between the numerous ethnic groups in Burma. Frustration is high among the impoverished and abused citizens:

Delving deep, seems to be just a pent up anger and a natural emotional outbreak combined with frustration of the people of Shan State, which have been oppressed for so long for so many reasons and unfavourable international political configuration.

It is a natural reaction of the people reeling under the gross human rights violations, extra judicial killing, raping, forced relocation, forced labour etc of wanting to be free from the heels of the military boots that, has been kept in check on the population by the political leadership of the Shan State now under arrest.


It was rather dubious that Mr Tiger (residing in Calgary) and Khun Hom (holding a German passport and residing in Australia) claimed that they were elected at a meeting of delegates representing 48 townships of Shan State. If so, then these so called delegates all must have a hard heart for they does not posses any consideration, whatever for the people in their respective township. For by doing such absurdities, surely the Junta’s troops will take reprisal on the people.

Most of the resistance movements have become mellow with the years and clearly understand the word “Balkanization” which is a trump card of the Junta. The Burmese regime is not shy of being accused as a gross human rights violator, rapist, narco generals implementing forced labour, forced relocations, ethnic cleansing, trafficking of women using child soldiers etc. Name anything on earth that is associated with vice and he will own it. Then, what kind of government are you? He would proudly depict that he alone can hold the Union together in other words he alone can prevent the Balkanization of Burma.

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) is backing the people of the Shan State:

We, Monland Restoration Council of USA, firmly believe that all ethnic nationalities in Burma have the right to determine their own destiny. If the Shan people decide to secede from the so-called Union of Burma and choose to live independently, it is their right to do so. Their secession only means that they exercise their right. When they are determining their own destiny by exercising their own right, it is unfair for us to oppose their decision. We fully sympathize with the Shan leaders who were forced into making such a decision. Our Mon people are in the same boat as the Shan and other ethnic non- Burman nationalities, living in the so-called Union which is essentially a Unitary State being ruled by the Burman military dictatorship, officially known as the State Peace and Development Council or SPDC.

It is now the time for NLD and the Burman to show their real good will towards the non-Burman peoples so the non-Burman peoples will put their trust in them.

The declaration of Shan State independence is a result of SPDC’s intransigent attitude and stubborn refusal to solve the prevailing political problems by peaceful political means, as well as a direct result of its increased oppression of the Shan people.

Shan natives react to the announcement of independence:

Cin Siang Thang, leader of Zomi National Congress

“It is too early to say. I don’t know whether it will happen for the Shan State. Before, someone declared that he was the true president. But nothing happened later. This time, some of them are inside.

As I suspected, the Burmese Army is exagerating the number of those surrendering.

The real count is, in fact just a mere of small faction numbering 38 and not 170 as reported by the SPDC’s media. It has always added up more people to make it looks like a mass surrender in the past and this time it is likely the same. This kind of manipulated SPDC propaganda is not new for the well-informed observers.

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