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Pan the Goat God

Russians and Belarussian scientists are working together on a method for improved goat’s milk:

Belarussian, Russian scientists to breed goat with human gene


Belarussian and Russian scientists plan to carry out an experiment to breed a transgenic goat, BelRosTransgen joint project director Alexander Budevich told Interfax on Monday.

Lactoferrin, a health-promoting milk protein, will be transported into the DNA of over 100 goats that are now being held at the Zhodino cattle-breeding research center in the Minsk region, said Budevich.

“These animals will undergo surgery to transport the lactoferrin milk protein into their DNA. This experiment is aimed at engineering their genes to produce a unique, immunity boosting sort of milk,” he said.

“If the experiment proves successful, goat milk will become a qualitatively new means of treating cardiovascular diseases and the best artificial baby milk,” Budevich said.

I “kid” you not!

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