Killing Shaima Rezayee

Shaima was let go in February after complaints from conservatives.

*Shaima’s bothers have been arrested in connection with her murder*

The controversial VJ of the very popular Afghani “Hop” television show was used to ridicule:


Even though most Afghan women are now free to work and study, Shaima Rezayee, the only female VJ, continues to shock some Afghans with her western-style of dressing and low headscarf. But the gutsy 20-year old, who endured five years of Taliban rule, is not making any excuses.

“Whenever I go out, I know people have various opinions about me (being a VJ). But I don’t really care because my family and a lot of young people in this country are supporting what I’m doing,” said Rezayee.

Shaima was murdered on Wednesday while at home:

Shaima Rezayee was shot dead yesterday in her home in Kabul’s Char Gala District.

The 24-year-old Rezayee had until March presented a popular music program on the privately owned television station Tolu TV. The show was criticized by conservatives as anti-Islamic and immoral.

The police chief of the Afghan capital has told Western news agencies that Rezayee was shot, but that it is unclear who perpetrated the killing and whether it was related to her work.

According to unconfirmed reports from Kabul, two of her brothers who were home at the time of the killing have been arrested.

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