"Hatefest" Countdown

Polipundit has a countdown on the number of days that have passed since John F. Kerry said he would release Form 180 and make his military records public.

I’ve decided to start my own countdown called the “Hatefest” Countdown.

I wrote a post titled, “MSM-Aljazeera Lovefest”on April 26th about ex-CNN “News Dissector” Danny Schechter, a far left radical and his very Anti-American project, “Weapons of Mass Deception” which was at that time plastered on the front page of Aljazeera’s website.

I noticed that this America-hating “news” was still up on the front page last week and noted it here.

Well, scanning Aljazeera’s website this morning I see that this piece of America hating, trash journalism is still posted on the front page of the Aljazeera site!

It has been at least 17 days since Aljazeera has had this article bashing the US on the front page of it’s website.

Sad that they can get their best Anti-US propaganda and spread it to an unwitting public from individuals who live right here within our own borders!

Update: When will these liberals realize that their irresponsible journalism stirs up the hatred against this great country?

Just look at what is going on in Afghanistan today here, because of Newsweek’s unsubstantiated claims!

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