Global Voices

I am sitting here in the “Global Voices” seminar at the BlagNashville consortium.

Mark Glaser of Online Journalism Review is currently speaking of the issues that bloggers have to fce in these foreign regimes.

Fast Facts:

In Zimbabwe and Bahrain you have to register to run a blog.

China has blocked Google cache and leads all nations with 62 cyber arrests. Cisco is selling (helping) China with their surveilance services.

Cuba‘s internet access is regulated and costs roughly $240.00 to get connected when the average salary there is slightly over $1000 per year.

Nepal has sensorship of the media. “United We Blog” is Nepalese blogger who is leading the pack in this kingdom.

RatherBiased creator, Matthew Sheffield is sharing some about the advantages of anonymity and blogging.

Iranian “Blogfather”, Hossein Derakhshan, of Editor Myself is here and is responsible for the creation of the software for Iranian bloggers. He is also the creator of .

Talking about the government and companies that are able to come after you. Developing threat models is a place to start(?). More talk on lawsuits…

China, hires 30,000 people with their monitoring services (Adam from Spirit of America). Here is some more information on China.

Rebecca MacKinnon is sitting in on the panel. She is talking aabout “Adopt a Blog” program where people in free countries could help out those in places like China. They could use their host sight. Email be the most effective means to get through to a blog.

China are not that concerned with most of the people on the web. Most people in China are involved because of commerce. “People of interest” see that resources fdo target them… Targeted and focused.

Those people who are being targeted need to have a means to communicate without being found out.

Iran blogger, Hossein Derakhshan, says he has nearly a million indivviduals who access his blog through email. 80,000 or 90,000 or so Iranians are blogging. He says that governments may just be scaring the citizens without really having the knowledge to crack down so much.

Need to make better technology and email out on a daily basis. The most important thing is to link to foreign weblogs. The foreign bloggers want and need to be linked to.

Adam is on…

Threat models, what are they? How do you get around these threat models so that more people are blogging? Adam is moving to the social issues involved.

China surveilance is “key word” oriented. On average there are ways to circumvent notice.

Hossein– very small fraction of the population need this kind of anonymity. Most of these individuals communicate face to face.

Matthew wanted to be anonymous with RatherBiased to avoid law suits and remained that way for quite a while.

A lot of the game in these countries is to not be noticed. Many of those jailed had been vocal offline which ot them in trouble online.

Some talk on “circumventors” by a representative of Peacefire used to help bloggers in other countries cmmmunicate. Currently, there are 2 or 3 a day installed in some of these foreign lands.

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