Don't Blame Aljazeera

I’ve noticed lately that the typically Anti-American and terrorist sympathizing Aljazeera is getting quite a bit of help with news contributions. It is bad enough when you see some Anti-American rant from a Middle Eastern scholar displayed on their news site. But, it is hard to forgive the Western contributors who have an Anti-American agenda of their own and who “partner” with Aljazeera to express these biases with a news service that is more than willing to provide a venue for their blasphemous rage.

One article, “Weapons of Mass Deception” , has been posted on the Aljazeera front page for over a week, now. It is about the feelings of an ex-CNN writer/producer Danny Schechter, by Christian Henderson. I wrote more on it last week here and am actually surprised that it is still up on their site (still on the front page as of 5/2/05 AM). I am starting to wonder about the life span of an Anti-American article on the Aljazeera front page?

Another scandalous piece was posted on Aljazeera’s site yesterday by another “disgruntled” Westerner, Scott Ritter, titiled “Dereliction of Duty Regarding Iraq”. This piece brings up the comparison of Iran with Viet Nam, “the other war the US lost”. This is truly a shameful piece. It is sad that there are those on the left who feel so compelled to spread blasphemous propaganda to the news source of our enemies.

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