"Don't Be Cruel to Us!"

Children in Kashmir carry a sign reading “We Want Peace-Don’t be Cruel to Us”

Children in Kashmir took to the streets in protest today after a grenade attack the day before left 2 dead and 44 wounded including 14 students:

Suspected Muslim rebels detonated a grenade on Thursday as children left a Christian missionary school in Indian Kashmir, killing two women and wounding about 50 people including 20 pupils, police said.


“Please save me, I don’t want to die. Call my parents,” screamed a girl, her leg covered in blood, outside the school in Srinagar.

Distraught parents, many of them weeping, searched for their children at the scene of the blast in the centre of the main city of Kashmir where separatist rebels are waging a 15-year-old revolt against Indian rule.

“The grenade exploded as the schoolchildren were coming out of the gate of the school as it closed for the day,” a police officer told reporters.

Update: (1:00 PM) I see that Charles Johnson is posting this story at Little Green Footballs! Welcome LGF’ers!

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