Another, Iraq-Syria Terrorist Connection

Palestinian terrorists were picked up in Baghdad nine hours after deadly blasts they planted went off in a crowded market. They confessed to following directions from Syrian connections (via Hammorabi):

The Iraqi Fox Brigade arrested 4 Palestinian terrorists who carried out the explosion of the market in East Baghdad few days ago, which resulted in the death of many Iraqi civilians and damaged the shops and markets there. The terrorists confessed about their crime. They were also involved in previous crimes especially car bobby-trapping. They have been shown and confessed in the TV which stated that the IFB arrested them, 9 hours after the blast.

They stated in their confession that they lived for many years in Iraq. Some of them worked as security agents for Saddam regime. They stated that they receive the order from other Palestinians who are linked with Syria. They stated that the link persons visit Syria so often. They said that their bosses ordered them to do their attacks in the most crowded areas to inflict as much causality as possible just to create unsettled security.

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