Activists are Released in Syria

Here is Some Terrific News!

Wow! That was quick! I was just emailed on Friday about the Atassy 8 being arrested and held in jail in Syria. Syrian blogger Ammar at Amerji- A Heretic’s Blog was asking everyone to put pressure on the Syrian Government for their release. Well…

They were released a couple of hours ago!


Ammar has more…

A few hours ago, the Atassy 8 were released. International and internal pressures seem to have paid off. As such, and rather than coming as a demonstration of strength, as it was intended to be, the entire move came as a further demonstration of the Regime’s weakness, confusion and lack of resolve.

Our joy is never complete in this country. Still, we should not underestimate the significance of the release of the Atassy 8, because it proves that pressures work even in these internal issues. The regime can be made to back down on specific issues. The regime can be successfully opposed.

But, the regime still holds Ali Abdallah who spoke out against the regime’s policies earlier in the week:

Mr. Ali Abdallah, however, the leftist activist that had read the Muslim Brotherhood statement in the Forum is still under arrest and will reportedly be tried under Law 49 outlawing the Brotherhood and prescribing the death penalty against those who collaborate with it. The same fate seems to await the lawyer and human rights activist, Muhammad Raadoun.

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