Walkout in Oklahoma

Well, these democrats did not run for the border like their Texan kin, but they still did not show up for work in the Oklahoma Senate today. This is becoming a common tactic for the mature liberals, “just don’t go“:

Republican Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin’s attempt to preside over the Senate and force a vote on a GOP workers’ compensation bill was blocked Thursday when Senate Democrats refused to attend the session with her in the chair.

“We will not engage in silly political games that are calculated to get somebody elected governor,” said Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan, D-Stillwater.


“If they want to sit in there and posture themselves to run for governor, they can sit in there all night long. We’re not going to participate.”

Fallin has said she is considering running for governor next year.

Sen. Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City, said GOP senators asked Fallin to exercise her constitutional authority and preside because it was time to pass a work comp bill that did not have to go to a conference committee.

“We have studied and debated and talked about workers’ comp reform for long enough in Oklahoma,” he said.

Update: (Friday AM) Lorie Byrd at Polipundit (a must read for political thinkers) has linked to this post. So, is this a trend for the democrats?

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