UNCHR Re-elects Zimbabwe

Now, this is ridiculous! Where is John Bolton when you need him? The UN Commission on Human Rights re-elected Zimbabwe to another three year stint today:

Human rights groups have called for the “immediate reform” of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) after Zimbabwe’s re-election to the 53-member commission on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe was among 15 countries chosen to sit on the commission for the next three years, prompting immediate protests from the United States and other developed nations.


Western governments and rights groups have branded the move as “inappropriate”, pointing to legislation that severely curtails civil liberties in the southern African country.

“We remain deeply concerned that the government of Zimbabwe maintains repressive controls on political assembly and the media, harasses civil society groups, and continues to encourage a climate where the opposition fears for its safety,” William Brencick, deputy US representative to the Economic and Social Council, said in statement.

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