The Zeytoon Girls

Brain-washing a generation of children gets results for these jihadists:

The Martyrdom-seeking Palestinian women’s movement also known as the Zeytoon Girls gathering took place today, in Tehran’s Seyed Al-Shohada Hall, with a commencement address from Mullah Nouri-Hamadani; a gang of Islamite terrorists were also present! Registration tables for suicide-bombing missions had also been set up for volunteers to file!

Mullah Nouri-Hamadani’s speech addressed issues such as: “Honoring martyrs, especially the women who with great virtue courageously choose a death through martyrdom, over living under the filth of dictators, is exceedingly commendable. These people are the honor of Islam and holy Jihad and their will and testament is admirable.”


Also present were: Forouz Rajaiefar, the Executive Director of the Beacon of the Global Islamic Movement of Martyrdom, Abou Asameh who is the Hamas representative to Iran, Hojjat Al-Islam Rahimian – an envoy from the office of the Supreme Leader Khamenei’s foundation for the Islamic Revolution’s Martyrs, Mehdi Kouchakzadeh – representative of Tehran in the Islamic Assembly, Koushki – a university professor and expert in Palestinian affairs and finally Rahmandoost – Khatami’s consultant on beneficence. Marzeeyeh Dabbaq, an Islamic revolutionary also gave a speech as scheduled.

What a sick event!

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The most ominous news from Iran last week has to do with the formation of Karbala-bound Battalions tasked with carrying out suicide attacks against the Coalition forces in Iraq.

Iran is launching this requiting campaign under the religious pretext of defending the Muslim holy shrines against the infidels. In reality, this is a part of mullahs’ sinister goal of expanding their Khomeini-style theocracy into Iraq. Iran’s ruling regime has frequently and skillfully used the cloak of religion to legitimize its tyranny and advance its political and diplomatic goals. And this is just another example.

More on Mehdi Kouchakzadeh

His comments followed those of Mehdi Kouchakzadeh, a staunch anti-American lawmaker, who urged the authorities to stop cooperation with the IAEA and withdraw from the NPT. “If the IAEA gives in to US pressure, we will react strongly to defend Iran’s national interests … as a lawmaker, I think Iran has to stop cooperation with the IAEA and seriously consider withdrawing from the NPT,” he said. Kouchakzadeh, a former member of the elite hardline Revolutionary Guards, drew public attention when he chanted “Death to America” during the opening session of the majlis (congress) last month (2004).

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