The "Morals Police"

Big Pharoah has an article on the “Morals Police” in Malaysia and their raid on a nightclub. I certainly understand the concerns of Big Pharoah on the likeliness of a “moral police” being set up in a free Egypt as well…

What really struck me from reading this article from the BBC, though, is just how “free” we are here in the US. You may hear Hillary scream something like “we have a right to disagree…” like someone is shutting her up from saying whatever the hell she wants from any pulpit she chooses. But, what is really bothering Hillary and the Left in the US right now is that they are not getting a free pass. With New Media (blogs, talk radio, FOX News, etc.) in business there are others besides the Left MSM who decide the discussion in the country. With New Media, the Left is ‘left’ to answer for their actions, behaviors, and words. This is why the Left is screaming bloody murder. Because the New Media is killing their monopoly on information control. There is no “morals police” in America. There are only Leftists who no longer get a free pass. This is just starting to show up in election results. No wonder they’re screaming!

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