Terrorist Reporting

Last December I wrote about this incident in Iraq where terrorists executed an innocent Iraqi election worker while a western journalist filmed the whole bloody scene…

Pulitzer Prize for Terrorist Reporting

The Belmont Club picked up on this story back then:


Photos recently published by the AP, showed three terrorists in the act of murdering two Iraqi election workers on a street during daylight. The photographer was obviously within a few yards of the scene of the murder, which raises obvious questions, such as 1) what was the photographer doing there; did he have advance knowledge of the crime, or was he even accompanying the terrorists? and 2) why did the photographer apparently have no fear of the terrorists, or conversely, why were the terrorists evidently unconcerned about being photographed in the commission of a murder?

Shockingly this photo won the journalist a Pulitzer Prize last week along with other Anti-American photos.

(I realize this story is a few days old but wanted to mention it because of its significance.)

Now… this week a new story is out on the blogosphere about another journalist who is working with the enemy via a link from Little Green Footballs:

A few days ago we saw a report that a freelance Iraqi cameraman working for CBS had been mistakenly shot and wounded by U.S. troops in Iraq.

NEW YORK, April 5 (Reuters) – An Iraqi freelance cameraman who works for CBS News was shot and wounded on Tuesday in northern Iraq by U.S. troops who mistook his camera for a weapon, the U.S. military and CBS News said.

Today the US military announced that this cameraman has been arrested by coalition forces for suspected involvement with the holy warriors—after Iraqi citizens informed on him: U.S. Military: Cameraman Detained in Iraq. (Hat tip: Mudville Gazette.)

Amazing! It is hard to see which side these journalists are on. No wonder the trust in the MSM is at an all time low.

Hat tip to “Eddiebear”.

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