Riverview High Protest

Does anyone else out there notice all of the protests waged by college or high school students lately? It reminds me of when I was younger and my older siblings told me of a high school protest they had in the sixties. It was some teacher they liked… he didn’t get his job back, either. I wanted to mention this protest for future reference, mostly. But also because of the ‘strangeness’ of it all:

Hundreds of Riverview Gardens High School students took to the streets Thursday over the firing of their principal, but the superintendent and School Board remained firm in their decision.

During the protest, some of the nearly 700 students tramped through neighborhoods, fought, vandalized cars and tried to break into a store as they walked along Chambers Road to the district’s administration office in Bellefontaine Neighbors.

Although students at area high schools walk out a few times a year over various issues, this one was more unruly than most. Five fights broke out, and four students were handcuffed and arrested by Moline Acres police.

At least 20 police cars from six departments were on the scene. Police blocked traffic as the students walked the 2.2-mile route. One officer reminded the students that they were supposed to be protesting, not fighting.

Not only were students fighting each other, damaging public and private property, but no one actually knew why this guy was fired? But, they liked him so they protested. Why is it that I am leaning towards thinking that there is a liberal lurking behind this whole Rivervew Gardens protest somewhere?

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