PPP Grandmother and Infant Still in Jail

A family of PPP supporters in Pakistan who were on the way to a weekend rally and detained are still in custody:

The Punjab government released a large number of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) activists and leaders on Sunday, but still has dozens of people including an 11-month-old infant and a four-year-old girl in detention at Kot Lakhpat Jail.

The children were detained along with their mother, aunt, uncle and 75-year-old grandmother, Ruqiya Somroo, who is an MNA from Larkana and also a heart patient.


Ruqiya Somroo came to Lahore with two of her daughters and grandchildren to stay at Bilawal House on April 15, a day before Asif Ali Zardari’s arrival. As soon as her car stopped outside Bilawal House, police personnel dragged her driver out and drove the car to an undisclosed location from where the entire family was taken to Kot Lakhpat Jail.

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