MSM Attacks John Paul II's Policy

The MSM couldn’t hold back after a few days lapsed after Ronald Reagan passed last year, so it is no surprise that they are now starting their attacks on Pope John Paul II and his conservative policy. The first was the New York Times in an article about how a new pope could influence politics in the country. Next, the AP today came out with this poll of Catholics and Non-Catholics(Is is just me or is this just absurd to poll “Non-Catholics” about “Catholic” Church policy?)

Boy, Oh, Boy! They sure are hoping for a liberal pope! Somehow, I don’t see the Church getting away from it’s Prolife stance anytime too soon!

Update: Here are some strong words from commenter Dale P. on the subject:

We live in dangerous times. Their harkening to the Roman Coliseum games of yore only adds to the already existing rancor in many areas. They are attempting to MAKE news, not report it. In so doing, they may — just may, one day, have a result on their hands that no one can easily control.

I am not a Catholic, but I respect the vision this Pope had for humankind. It is about God and Godliness – nothing more. To err on the side of God would be to ALL of our benefits in the end. Even for those that are empty – for they would find a sense of fullness they never knew and lose the bitterness and angst besetting them, if they but looked and tried to find within themselves – a soul.

I think JP2 had in mind, with his own death – some symbolism (eg the nose tube) to emphasize his posture about folks like Terri Schiavo. And, her plight – being starved to death, was so like his own knowledge of times we had hoped were gone and men who paid that price, like Kolbe – he was held in a Nazi camp and had taken the place of another who had been condemned to be starved to death. Kolbe was later canonized. What memories must have come front and center to him with Terri – to see the potential for the world to be there again; what agony he must have felt.

His legacy may be difficult for others to breach. The MSM should tread carefully (but they won’t).

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