MSM-Aljazeera Love-Fest

The extreme elements of the US Main Stream Media are teaming with Aljazeera to paint a very ugly and untrue picture of the United States and the Bush Administration. In an interview with the Anti-American news service, Danny Schechter, a very radical leftist propagandist from CNN talks about his very Anti-American project, “Weapons of Mass Deception”. Here he is able to find an eager audience to spread his lies that he pushed here in the US with the help of the Democrat Party.

Lie #1- At the time of the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003, 70% of Americans told pollsters they believed Saddam Hussein’s government was partly responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

In the prelude to the war, the Bush administration hinted at the existence of a link between Iraq and the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

President Bush and his cabinet never stated this.

Lie #2- However, intelligence investigations commissioned by the White House and Congress have since determined the suggested links were false.

An Iraqi has been arrested and charged with the first World Trade Center Attack.

Lie #3- According to Danny Schechter, a media veteran of almost 40 years who nicknamed himself the News Dissector, the 70% figure suggests US media failed their public and led them to believe a baseless claim.

Because there was no claim!

Lie #4- The film concludes the US mainstream media failed to challenge Washington over its reasons for going to war, shut out anti-war voices and blurred the lines between commentary and journalism.

Joke, right? The MSM goes out of it’s way to be Anti-Bush and Anti-US (see Media Research Organization ). Which anti-war voice was shut out? Micheal Moore? Barbara Boxer? Ted Kennedy? Al Gore?

A despicable interview by an America Hating News Organization of a Severe America Hater to an America Hating Audience.

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