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More on Peter Yarrow (from Peter, Paul and Mary)…

In 1970 Peter pled guilty to taking “immoral and indecent liberties” with a 14-year-old fan and served three months in prison. In 1981 he was pardoned by President Jimmy Carter. Yarrow called the incident “the most terrible mistake I have ever made.”

Peter is also the founder and a leader of the children’s organization- “Operation Respect”


Peter Yarrow’s life and work, culminating in the founding and leadership of Operation Respect, embraces the premise that if each person finds a way to articulate his or her own voice and joins with others, together they can become a powerful force for the transformation of society.

Peter is not about to give up the demanding path he’s chosen. “We’ve lived through a time in which people have felt they could forge their own future and make a better world,” he said. “We may not have achieved our dreams in the time frame that we once believed was possible, but the magnitude of what is yet to be achieved only confirms the importance of our commitment. Knowing this, we can’t stop now.”

This biography has no mention of his bust in 1970.

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