Looking for Amnesty International

After the new leftist organization, the NAACP, lashed out against President Bush,…er, I mean, President Bush’s Social Security initiative today, it leaves only the America-hating leftist organization, Amnesty International to comment on the Bush Social Security plan:

Black leaders on Monday accused President Bush of “playing the race card” in his pitch to sell his proposed Social Security overhaul.

NAACP leaders Julian Bond and Dennis Courtland Hayes said Bush should focus on addressing the underlying health care reasons why blacks have a shorter life expectancy instead of citing it as a reason they should support his idea of private accounts.


Under Bush’s proposal, money diverted by Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts could be passed along as an inheritance. Under the current system, relatives of people who die before retiring sometimes do not receive Social Security benefits.

If there were a democrat sitting in the White House you can be assured that this New Leftist Organization, the NAACP, would be silent on the issue (as they were when Bill Clinton also stated that the there was a Social Security problem).

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