Kofi Goes on Offense

Kofi’s UN today accused the US and Britain for the “Food for Kojo” scandals:

The US and Britain have rejected allegations by UN chief Kofi Annan that they turned a blind eye to oil smuggling by Saddam Hussein’s regime.
Mr Annan suggested the two had inadequately policed UN sanctions against Iraq, enabling the regime to earn huge amounts in illegal deals.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the charges were “inaccurate”, while Washington was also dismissive.


The UN has itself been under fire over the so-called oil-for-food programme.

US Senate investigators have alleged that the Iraqi regime received some $4bn (£2.13bn) in illegal payments from oil companies involved in the programme.

But this figure is dwarfed by the $14bn (£7.5bn) that allegedly came from “sanctions-busting” – the illegal sale of oil to neighbouring states such as Jordan and Turkey.

This man is pathetic! He has never taken responsibility for his mismanagement of the failed program, for his son’s dealings, or for any of the genocides he watched over for that matter. This today takes the cake, though. I wonder what Senator Coleman is thinking?

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