Iraqi Pre-War Security

Ahmad from Iraqi Expat wrote a very informative post today about a truth that has been lost from the MSM. Our media likes to talk about how horrible the situation is “now” in Iraq and how horrible things have become since the Allies ousted the Saddam Regime. You have M. Moore showing “kid’s with kites” and you hear daily about the number of new deaths from terrorists (although, they are not called terrorists by the media). You even have the extreme lefties who say how much better the Iraqis were with Saddam. But, today Ahmad had this to say in response to these Saddam sympathizers:

Many people, including the Mail on Sunday and Peter Hitchens, claim that Iraq was better off under Saddam, that the war has brought poverty, destruction and death, that the elections were meaningless and fraudulent, and the funniest of all is that a new Saddam regime is being created.

While there are problems in Iraq today, most of these problems existed before the war too; the only difference is that it rarely got reported, no one dared to talk about it and it was much worse than it is now.


There are security problems in Iraq, created by many including those who made Iraq look secure and stable in the eyes of the world during Saddam’s rule; but were Iraqis really secure back then? If you think that when the security servicemen come to your house and wipe out your family is security, then Iraqis were secure! If you think that when the government terrorize people is security, then Iraqis were secure!

These people use shallow argument to attack policies and people they disagree with, to make political gains, and or to show their opposition. They are living in denial and will continue to do so because they can not accept change, even if that change is right. They choose to ignore facts and only see what the leftists mainstream media show. They choose to ignore the horrors that the Iraqis used to live by everyday under Saddam’s rule.

Ahmad- If you ever come to the midwest, let me be the first to shake your hand and take you out for dinner! Great post!

Omar from Iraq the Model also checks in with his thoughts:

I think one of the most telling signs of ignorance is when someone pretends to know everything about a subject he’s relatively clueless about. (ouch!) I really don’t know exactly how informed the authors of these two pieces are about the situation in Iraq before and after the 9th of April but I’m positive that any common Iraqi with ordinary intelligence is way more informed.

There are actually a million stories I can tell to make a comparison between pre and post-Saddam Iraq and to show how dramatically life has improved since April 2003 and the list doesn’t necessarily start from the security which is much better off now than under Saddam who murdered 3 million Iraqis during his reign; a figure that dwarfs any post-liberation body count or my salary as a dentist which increased by a hundred folds and doesn’t end by the huge change in the Iraqi army that changed from a tool of repression for both, the conscripted soldiers and the civilian population to a security preserving tool that young Iraqis volunteer to join.

Oh, how soon the liberals forget. I say bring on the Saddam Trial! Let the atrocities and genocide of Saddam’s reign speak for itself and speak to the world! Let his evil be brought out into the open and recorded into the annuls of history. Let this grandiose killer be put to shame. Let this evil man be brought to his knees in shame. May the chapter on Saddam end quickly and with justice.

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