Introduce the "Sandy" Bill

I am all for this motion discussed by Robert Moran at National Review :

Imagine for a second what would happen if Condoleezza Rice were caught by the good folks at the National Archives stealing sensitive documents by hiding them on her person. Would that story generate the same minimal play the Berger theft has? No — it would be a firestorm.

So, what ought Republicans do about Berger and his purloined documents?


Here’s an idea: House Republicans should force a vote on increasing the criminal penalties for removing classified material from a government archive. The maximum penalty for this crime, a misdemeanor, is currently one year of jail time and $100,000 fine. House Republicans should move a simple bill making it (1) a felony, with (2) a maximum prison sentence of five years, (3) a maximum fine of $500,000, and (4) a lifetime revocation of all security clearances.

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