How to Win Friends

My guess is that Michael Shiavo did not read the best selling classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Just a guess… but after the man starves a families daughter when they beg him not to, after he cremates her body, after he does not allow them to have their own viewing, after he goes against the traditions of his just starved wife’s religion, after he does not leave them so much as a hair,… this is my guess.

A few more notes on her starvation…

High School Students see her death as murder.


Linda Kimball ties Terri’s death into the classic by CS Lewis, “Mere Christianity”.

The Shiavo Case has all of us looking at living wills (something that Terri did not have).

Will PETA weigh in?… after all, you wouldn’t starve a chicken like this without hearing from them?

Where are the Human Rights Groups? If they can make such a stink about getting naked then where are they when you see a defenseless person starve to death?

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