Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Held in France

And, he doen’t like it!

An ex-prisoner from Guantanamo Bay is upset with France that they would keep him in a French prison:

A freed French Guantanamo prisoner has accused Paris of committing injustice by continuing to detain him in France.


The prisoner Khalid bin Mustafa was captured in December 2001 in Pakistan and is being held in France while investigators probe suspicions that he was involved with terrorism.

French judges have turned down appeals from his lawyers that he be released while he is investigated.

“I was the victim of an immense injustice that is continuing today in another form. But what bothers me is that it is my country, France, that is committing this injustice,” he told the Le Parisien daily newspaper on Monday

So, let’s see… he was picked up on a battlefield (not at a Burger King) in Pakistan (not France) and he claims to be upset about the charges against him? Hmmm.

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