Evil Strikes

I can’t imagine how these people are making any inroads. The crimes continue to get more and more insidious and eveil, beyond what you see from a horror movie from Hollywood. Today the President of Iraq shared this disturbing news:

Iraq’s interim president announced Wednesday the recovery of more than 50 bodies from the Tigris River, saying the grisly discovery was proof of claims that dozens were abducted from an area south of the capital despite a fruitless search by Iraqi forces.

Interim President Jalal Talabani did not say when or where the 50 bodies were pulled from the river, but he said all had been identified as hostages.


“Terrorists committed crimes there. It is not true to say there were no hostages. There were. They were killed, and they threw the bodies into the Tigris,” Talabani told reporters. “We have the full names of those who were killed and those criminals who committed these crimes.”

Shiite leaders and government officials claimed last week that Sunni militants had abducted as many as 100 Shiites from the Madain area, 14 miles southeast of Baghdad. But when Iraqi forces moved into the town of 1,000 families, they found no captives, and residents said they had seen no evidence anyone had been seized.

There was also word of a massacre at a soccer stadium but this has not been verified by the authorities, yet.

So, how are these terrorists able to stay hidden in the masses? how are they able to roam freely? Since, no one is safe from their evil, why are there not more leads? How is a stranger in your neighborhood allowed to roam? And, how angry must these people be to see this violence continually?

Mohammed at Iraq the Model had this to say:

The role of Tehran in creating the sectarian conflict in Iraq has became more than obvious after the failure of all the attempts to provoke a conflict between the Sunni and the She’at.

The astounding successes of Iraq in democracy and writing the constitution and building a free community is causing a panic the neighborhood. We mentioned earlier that the Mada’en crisis is a fake and we pointed out that intrinsic and extrinsic parties had taken a stance to invest this story.

These parties revealed their ugly face by directing a frank call for holding arms and raise an internal fight. Ha’iri (the Ayatollah from Iran who had always been supportive of Sadr and trying to interfere in Iraq’s internal situation) released a fatwa today that called the She’at to carry arms and fight the “Nasibah” in a signal to the Sunni population).


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