Dissecting a Liberal Headline

“Conservatives See Win in Rise of New Pope”

This was one of the most insulting headlines I have seen in quite some time! (Well, at least since this morning, anyway, when I saw a Post Dispatch headline threatening Republican Representative Blunt for supporting Republican Representative Delay). This title itself by AP religion writer Richard Ostling makes clear a number of things about the beliefs not so much of the new pope as much as the beliefs of the liberal media.

Point #1- To the liberal media, everything is a war not of ‘good verses evil’ but of ‘liberal ideology verses conservative (or normal) thought’.


Point #2- Religion is not sacred to liberals anymore… Respect is gone, has been gone, is not a worthy enough trait for liberals… ‘Winning’ is! And, tradition is a silly concept (see filibuster) In fact it is hard to realistically come up with anything sacred to the liberal party today. Hmm.

Point #3- Liberals are ignorantWhat did they expect from a pope, if not conservative? The only man of the cloth they would be happy with as pope is the “get God out of my country” Rev. Barry Lynn. Liberals forget that Catholicism is the religion against abortion, against pre-marital sex (hence, no condoms), against gay marriage, women as priests,… To forget this is dumb.

Point #4- Liberals believe that conservatives are just like liberals. They think that conservatives are probably gloating over this new ‘conservative’ pope. No… conservatives expect a conservative pope in a conservative religion. They would be surprised if a Ward Churchill would have been chosen.

Point #5- Liberals see the strength in the church and are threatened by it. Hence, the constant attacks by the liberal MSM on Catholicism, Evangelicals, and conservative Christians. They don’t quite understand why, but they know the Church has strength and are very threatened by this, because…

point #6- Liberals have no idea what conservatives see in God and religion. Liberals just get frustrated seeing conservatives choose to go to church when they are working so hard against the church (Again, see the Rev. Barry Lynn).

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