Bush and Muhammad

Boy… this ought to ruffle a few feathers!

What President Bush is doing for the democratization of the Middle East has no other historical equivalent than what Prophet Muhammad did in the 7th century (A.D.) when he came forth with a new religion: Islam. At that time, the people in Arabia, in Persia, in Great Syria, in Egypt and other parts of this region lived under repressive regimes whose corruption and extravagancy rendered life insupportable. Muhammad showed them a way to get rid of their oppressors. He came with simple but powerful ideas: “There is no God other than Allah” and human beings are equals before Him. Powered with these ideas, Muslims spread the new doctrine in all directions. Repressive regimes fell one by one and became Muslim, but not always peacefully. And this was the end of Jâhiliyya (Ignorance).

Now, after fourteen centuries, signs of deep crisis and incurable fatigue are evident in Muslim societies where violence, repression, backwardness and discrimination, are revealing the presence of a New Jâhiliyya.


I wonder what Osama thinks of this article? Or, should I ask… I wonder what Osama would think of this article if he could get internet service in his cave?

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