Arrested: 6 Lib's with Blow Horns

About time…

Six people, including one juvenile, were arrested Wednesday night after protesting David Horowitz’s speech at Townes Hall at the UT School of Law. The Texas Federalist Society hosted the meeting and invited Horowitz, a right-wing advocate and author of the Academic Bill of Rights, to speak.

Opposition groups were holding signs and speaking out during Horowitz’s speech on Wednesday, but when they were told to stop speaking, some took out noisemakers (blow horns) to mark their disapproval of the speaker. Three females and three males were arrested and then jailed under charges of disrupting a meeting or procession ­- a Class B misdemeanor. The subjects were not UT students.


Conservative speakers have been getting rushed on stage, thrown pies at, disrupted during their talk, now, blow horns?!!!… it is about time that charges were thrown at these illegal, obnoxious, and threatening disruptors. I don’t believe that conservative (or liberal) speakers are asked on their invitation to be targets for such behavior. Institutions are obligated to ensure the safety of their guests (at least!) while they are on campus.

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