Another Iraqi Speaks Out

Evidently, word is spreading among Iraqi bloggers about the more recent efforts in the West to criticize the Iraqi War as this huge mistake. Iraqi bloggers yesterday took notice of this and today I see that Kurdo from Kurdistan, who is not so Pro-West, has a few words of his own to those who would rather see the mass graves and torure of the ‘good ol’days’:

I find it very disturbing if the British public judged Tony Blair over his decision to get rid of Saddam Hussein. It will be a humiliating defeat for freedom and democracy if the British people, the prime founders of democracy, think that if Saddam Hussein was still in power in Baghdad, Iraqis would have been better off.

The decision to topple Saddam Hussein was the most courageous and beneficial decision a British Prime Minister could have ever taken for the sake of the freedom of the Iraqi people.


You may have the freedom that others don’t have. You may have never slept thinking that tomorrow maybe your last day but don’t take that for granted because everyone else in the world is not living like you. Iraqis lived under terror for over 35 years and no one in the world protested against tyranny and dictatorship in Iraq. Yet when there was a decision to topple tyranny and dictatorship, thousands in the world protested against it.

I urge you not to follow the lead of George Galloway and others who play with your emotions to get to the prime seat.

If you are voting against Tony Blair for the sake of the Iraqi people, then don’t please, because the majority of Iraqis don’t appreciate that.

Ah, it is so good to hear a voice of gratitude through the smoke and clamor of the daily violence we hear about from our western media. Also, a definite sign of progress is the subtle but powerful movement of the recovering people to begin to speak their truth without fear of repercussions. This is significant and shows that progress “is” being made. God bless their courageous souls!

Kurdo also has the video links of the torture of Saddam and his regime here and here. (Please note that these are very gruesome video clips so do not view them if you have a weak stomach.)

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