Zimbabwe Expels Election Officials

“Pro-Opposition” officials fired before elections:

The Zimbabwean government has reportedly dismissed over one thousand polling officers and accredited election monitors, ahead of Thursday’s parliamentary elections, on allegations that they support the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

US blasts “Food for Vote”:

The United State denounced what it called the “despicable” practice by Zimbabwe’s ruling party of using food supplies to win over voters in this week’s parliamentary elections.

“Our understanding is that ruling party candidates have given out government-owned food to draw voters to rallies,” said deputy department spokesman Adam Ereli. “And that is, frankly, a despicable practice.”

Mugabe’s Farm Policies were known throughout the world:

The nation that was known as the breadbasket of Africa quickly became a basket case, according to economists. A country that used to export food now has to rely on food aid.

The president refuses to blame his policies.

China “Jams” Opposition

CHINA supplied Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s autocratic president, with a military-strength radio jammer to block opposition broadcasts ahead of today’s poll in the country, diplomatic sources confirmed.

The jammer has been operating from a base outside Harare, the capital, for several weeks to prevent candidates for the Movement for Democratic Change, the main alternative party to the ruling Zanu-PF, from putting their policies across on the airwaves in a state where radio is the only method of mass communication.

Instapundit and Publius Pundit will have the news as it comes in I am sure.

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