Weekend to Rally

It’s been two years since the start of the Iraq War. And, already this week the First Iraqi Assembly was sworn into office. But for those with their heads in the sand, this weekend is shaping up to be the perfect weekend to hold an “Anti-War” rally. There has been a huge amount of succes in Iraq for only two years of involvement. Of course, this is not good enough for the leftists in America and abroad. Never mind the fact that they are clearly on the wrong side of history, that democracy is springing up like palm trees in the Middle East, and that dictators are finding themselves running for cover, or standing trial.

Michelle Malkin has the low down on some of the larger, more fanatical rallies to expect in New York City, North Carolina, etc.

INDC (from June 2004) has the best picture collage of “moonbats on parade” that I have seen in quite a while. I have to give them credit for the quality and quantity of shots- better than the zoo, you could just find yourself staring for hours on end!


Finally, Barking Moonbat Early Warning System (must add to favorites…) gives a wonderful history of the beginnings of “moonbat” and “Barking Moonbat”.

Pray for good weather!

Now, compare the previous ridiculousness of the American Moonbats to this story from the Jerusalem Post. These people know how to pull off a serious protest:

Tens of thousands of opponents of the disengagement plan will gather in Gush Katif on Thursday to fast, pray and learn Torah.

A group of Gush Katif residents has been learning Zohar, the esoteric exegesis on Torah, non-stop for the past three weeks. They will make a siyum (ceremonial completion) and will begin again during the prayer rally.

During the rally a large-screen TV will show footage of the late Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, the spiritual father of Religious Zionism, expressing his adamant opposition to ceding parts of the Land of Israel to non-Jews.

Buses from tens of points of departure will shuttle participants to Gush Katif in time for the beginning of the mass prayers at 4 p.m. Selected portions of Psalms and a special prayer for the settlements will be recited.

Prayer rallies will take place simultaneously in places far away from Gush Katif, such as Eilat, Safed, Meron and the Golan Heights.

Learning the Zohar without interruption from dawn until evening is believed to have the ameliorating power to annul tough predicaments, according to Rabbi Moshe Haim Luzzato.

Now that’s some serious protesting! These people don’t take their papier-mache’ more seriously than their cause. It’s not so funny, when the consequences are so great and the enemies are blowing themselves up in your markets and discos.

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