VDH on Chrenkoff

Two of my most favorite commentators and visionaries got together when Chrenkoff interviewed Victor Davis Hanson on his blogsite. As expected the combination was a must read. One of my favorite segments:

If you wish to find a pompous, affluent, stuffy, condescending, bore then go to a university or big news room—and this was not always the case when Civil Rights, worries about pollution, and exploited labor needed support.

In response, these out of touch boutique liberals thought Michael Moore’s scruffy looks meant he was a populist, even though he, not George Bush, would have been booed at a NASCAR rally. As far as Wolfowitz, go back and look who favored freeing the Shiia after the 1991 halt on Baghdad or who pressured Marcos to leave. And when I saw Rice stand up to Boxer and insist that her crazy tirade “It was the WMD, period” in reference to the 23 cases for war passed by her own Senate, I thought something is radically wrong.

Absolutely, no one tells it like Victor!

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