US-Russian Police Exchange

A group of San Francisco policemen traveled to Russia this week for a conference to discuss anti-extremist measures…

The participants will discuss issues related to prevention and countering of extremism in relations between ethnic groups and religious denominations.

The Russian-US Climate of Trust program has been implemented for several years now.


It includes exchange of experts, training seminars involving not only law enforcement officers, but also representatives of public organizations and teachers.

And, in the Quad Cities this week an ex-Russian Security Official trained local officers on dealing with the unthinkable act of a terrorist attack on a school:

Attendees learned about school building security, preparing for crisis situations and rapid deployment response. “This is an attempt to keep up to date,” he said. “I’ll go back with ideas from this training.”

Sergevnin, who now works as interim director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, discussed lessons learned from the Beslan, Russia, school massacre. More than 340 people died, including 186 children, when 32 Chechen terrorists seized a school there last year and took students and teachers as hostages.

Rule No. 1, he said, is to realize the ferocity of today’s terrorist.

“These people are not afraid to lose their lives. This is important for school administrators to understand. If they don’t value their own lives, then your life is nothing,” he added.

He said the Chechen terrorists all had specific tasks. Some were snipers, some guarded entryways and others were in charge of explosives. Armed with a small amount of weaponry, the plot cost the terrorists about $10,000, he added.

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