The New Abu Ghraib

Thank you New York Times for once again leading the way in giving our enemies something they can really hate us for. No one can spread Anti-Americanism like the Old Gray Lady..

From the New York Times, republished in the International Herald Tribune and posted on Arab World News, the new Abu Ghraib:

Next to the scandal of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, no other aspect of the U.S. military presence in Iraq has caused such widespread dismay and anger among Iraqis, judging by their frequent outbursts on the subject.


Daily reports compiled by Western security companies chronicle many incidents in which Iraqis with no apparent connection to the insurgency are killed or wounded by U.S. troops, often as they approach checkpoints or convoys.

I am curious who he means by “Western security companies”… the International Red Cross?… Amnesty International?… Il Manifesto?

It’s funny how fast “news” spreads, huh?

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