"The Kingdom" Disqualifies a Winning Candidate

With democracy breaking out in the region, the Saudis thought they might give it a go until a Shia candidate, Hussain AbdulRahman Al-Khamis, won his district. So, as reported at the Saudi Institute

the Saudi government abruptly dropped a leading Shia contender from the partial municipal elections held Thursday in the region of Hasa

…Al-Khamsi told Al-Jazeera he was not officially notified that he was dropped from the elections, and was surprised to find the ban notice displayed in all election centers in Hasa at the beginning of the vote Thursday.


Saudi Arabia is the most anti-Shia country in the world, and has barred Shia citizens from gaining and senior local and national government posts.

In addition to restricting them from practicing their faith freely, the government bars position such as, judges, mayors, minister, ambassador, police chief, women school principle, women professor, newspaper editor and many much of the security and military positions.

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