The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good- From Major K. :

One of our platoons was out doing a night patrol when they came across an IP(Iraqi Police) checkpoint being attacked by insurgents. They didn’t bother asking if it was a private fight. They just jumped in. Score: Good Guys 6, Bad Guys 0. Our guys killed six of theirs and captured several more. No casualties among the good guys – Iraqi or American. I’m glad that US forces were able to help the IP’s after the way their brethren saved some of our guys the other day. During another mission a platoon from the same company caught the same guy that detonated the IED that wounded their brother and killed those MP’s during the MEDEVAC. Finally, our sister battalion that lost those two guys to the IED nabbed 9 insurgents in a raid the other night. They were foreign fighters. Al Qaida, in it’s many forms is very much involved in Iraq, as it and many other Islamo-fascist terrorist groups have been for a long time

The Bad- (Bloody Evil) Iraqi Cops Find Victims of Mass Killings


At least 41 bodies — among them women, children and some believed to be Iraqi soldiers — were discovered at two sites in Iraq and officials said Wednesday they believe militants kidnapped and executed the victims.

The Ugly- The rescued, napalm accusing, “It’s raining Bullets!” , communist, Italian, Giuliana Sgrena, as told at LGF:

With her bias Sgrena did not only jeopardize herself, but due to her behavior a security officer is now dead, and the Italian government (prime minister Berlusconi included) has had to spend millions of euros to save her life. It is to be hoped that Sgrena will decide to have a career change. Propagandist or MP perhaps. But she should give up journalism immediately.

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