The Fat Lady Sings

You know the expression… “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.” Well, that is what we’re seeing in Lebanon, another tired yet deadly old song being played out by Syrian terrorists or their minions. Today a bomb went off in a Christian mall killing three innocents. This is not really that surprising to anyone (quite sad, though). What would have been shocking is if the ultra-violent Syrian Regime would have pulled out of Lebanon without leaving their calling card. Raja at Lebanese Bloggers has a good analysis of the situation:

Events on the ground are proving that the Syrians have not left Lebanon. They have withdrawn some of their troops and ostensibly closed their “intelligence offices” in Beirut and a few towns, but they still control Lebanon.

I have arrived at a conclusion: Everytime Lahoud “releases a statement,” I will ignore that it came from that sorry-excuse-for-a-president; and tell myself that it was released direct from Damascus. Lahoud is nothing but the face of the Syrian apparatus in Lebanon. Until Lebanon is clensed from both him and that apparatus, I will not consider my country liberated.

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