Taysir Aluni- Aljazeera Hero

Taysir Aluni has quite a career as a reporter for Aljazeera News Service. One assignment had the terrorist friendly journalist stationed in Afghanistan before the war started. Here he was able to report on all of the abuses by the “American War Machine” on this “poor country”. The Aljazeera office in Afghanistan was bombed and destroyed during the war.

His next assignment was in Iraq where he was able to report on the “American War Machine” abuses before the Aljazeera office there was bombed and destroyed by the Americans.

When he decided to take a break from this busy, yet, famous and rewarding schedule, he was arrested by Spanish Authorities while on vacation. He is currently incarcerated in a Spanish prison. Apparently, the state run Aljazeera News Service (the news agency that was kicked out of Iraq, by Iraqis) is making him their poster boy for American/Western abuse and, get this, “Freedom of the Press”… as if “Freedom of the Press” is an actual occurrence in Middle Eastern Society.

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