Stealing Home

Next time you leave home remember to “secure” it:

When Smith County Constable Dennis Taylor got a call reporting a stolen house, his first question was, “Is it a trailer house, ma’am?”

“No, it’s a brick house,” the real estate company representative replied.


Board by board, shingle by shingle, for nearly three months, thieves dismantled a three-bedroom brick house in this East Texas town and carted it away until only a pile of rubble was left.

Authorities allege Brandon Ray Parmer, 29, and Darrell Patrick Maxfield, 44, both of Tyler, took the house apart and sold it for drugs, in plain view of everyone cruising along Lindale’s main street.

When I “googled” this I found that this is not an isolated insident. Also, in Texas:

The Lindale man was arrested outside of his home for allegedly stealing parts to another fully constructed house that wasn’t his.

“All the lumber right there that’s got the nails right there, the paint belong out there,” says Vega pointing to the stolen house parts in his shed.

Neatly stacked in the shed behind Vega’s house: a large pile of lumber freshly ripped out of its frame. There were several sheets of siding, plumbing pipes, a bathroom sink, even a shower insert.

“Just because you see something that you believe might be free sitting on the side of the road or under construction or maybe being torn down, doesn’t give anyone the right to go on the property to remove it without consent of the owner.”

Well, Yeah! Maybe if those Commandments were still hanging more people would know this.

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