Post Dispatch Writer Goes Batty!

St. Louis Post Dispatch writer Sylvester Brown has joined the elite group of “real not fake” reporters who has taken the rhetoric from the fringe groups of the Democratic Party and is now trying to pass it in the mainstream as “real not fake” news. In todays column his topic is none other than Karl Rove. You really have to read the whole thing to believe it but I am posting some of the more comical lines that could have been taken directly off the Daily Kos. First, the “Rather-Rove link”:

Dan Rather, a real newsman, damaged his reputation and almost lost his job under such accusations. Rather produced documents critical of Bush’s military record shortly before the election last year. OOPS! He didn’t bother to validate the authenticity of the documents and was accused (mainly by conservatives) of a partisan attack against Bush.

No one knows definitively if the documents were forged. We do know, however, that media attention shifted away from Bush’s dubious military record to the origination of dubious documents.


Some wonder whether Rove somehow leaked dummied documents to CBS? Hmmmm.

Without hesitating he goes directly on a Jeff Gannon, “fake reporter” rant:

That’s old news. New news came to mind as I watched the Rove documentary. Everyone probably knows about the fake reporter allowed to be part of the White House press corps for almost two years. Jeff Gannon (whose real name is James D. Guckert) tossed warm and fuzzy questions when called on by Bush or his press secretary, Scott McClellan. Gannon was later linked to a partisan, phony news organization and (gasp) gay military porn and escort service Web sites.

McClellan, who called on “Jeff” frequently, claims he knew nothing about the man’s past. Who has the power to grant White House access to a fake reporter with an alias and “questionable” social habits?


Gannon, who went silent for a while, is back and on the attack. He’s emerged to battle the “well-funded liberal attack machine,” he writes on his relaunched Web site Gannon vows to fight the fine fight to keep the sexual lives of fellow journalists private. Yes, it may take “many columns and a book deal” but, by golly the “Old Media” will rue the day they picked a fight with Jeff Gannon!

Wow! Forget about a breach of national security. No need for the media to explore the hypocrisy of a gay porn escort who parroted conservative “values” and their anti-gay agenda. I don’t know who helped the fake news man flip the script, but Grandpa Pickles again comes to mind:

“Brilliance, sheer brilliance . . .”

Sylvester Brown is a regular columnist with the Post Dispatch. This article appeared in the “Metro St. Louis” section.

Update: Michelle Malkin has added this segment to her “Rather” column today.

Update 2: Lorie at the Great Polipundit is back blogging after a family crisis and has linked to this post. Welcome back, Lorie!

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