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This article by Shane Graber and Elisa Crouchof the PD was not just biased but offensive and clueless. Here’s how it starts:

Cole Todorovich is trying to make a highway statement, but some motorists just don’t get it.

Todorovich has had it with those patriotic magnetic ribbons cars are sporting these days. So a month ago, he decided to try a little overkill.

The 20-year-old Ladue man covered nearly every inch of his Crown Victoria with the magnets. The red, white and blue ones are on one side of the car. The yellow ribbons cover the other.

“With a few camos and POW ones mixed in there,” said Todorovich, a Webster University history major. “I had about 150 of them, but some keep blowing off. I don’t know why they won’t stick to the hood.”

His point is irony.

So, this college kid from the affluent Ladue area thinks it is just stupid that anyone would want to put a support the troops magnet on their car? Is this supposed to be funny? The only ones laughing are the liberals on the PD staff. It goes further:

“It’s definitely satire,” he said. “I thinks it’s ridiculous all these car magnets people buy.”

He wonders about the extent to which these motorists are actually supporting the troops – other than slapping a magnet on a car.

Now the PD shows its true colors by regurgitating one of NPR’s pieces on anti-patriotism (you like that word?). I am really a believer that some liberals and liberal news outlets really cannot comprehend “Love for Country”:

Recently, some parents of soldiers in Iraq have said that even they are fed up with the magnets.

Missourian Bob Sommer, whose son recently returned from Iraq after a year there, said in a commentary on National Public Radio that the magnets bring out the worst in him.

“Sometimes I want to roll down my windows and confront the drivers. I want to exclaim, ‘Who doesn’t support the troops? What have you done to support the troops?’ They may be well-meaning and sincere people, but I’m convinced that they’re just driving along thinking support our troops thoughts, like, ‘Thank God I live in a red state,’ or, ‘Maybe it’s time to price a Hummer,’ ” he said.

Boy, how long did NPR have to search to find that guy?

Todorovich admittedly is less fervent than Sommer. His ultimate plan is to pass the torch along to some unsuspecting vehicle sporting one or two of the magnets.

Meanwhile, he’ll take his irony to the streets, magnets flicking off in his wake. Motorists honk and wave.

“People just don’t get it,” he said.

The jokes on him!

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