Now, It's the "Other Guys" Turn

Not Quite the Same Feel!

Hezbollah put on their own show today in Beirut:

The Beirut rally was organised by Hezbollah, a powerful political and military organisation of Shia Muslims, the largest religious minority in Lebanon.

Hezbollah officials handed out Lebanese flags and directed the men and women to separate section.

This story from Caveman in Beirut explains the unenthusiastic crowd at the demonstration:

I just returned from a visit to my barber – a young Shi’a fellow from the Hizbullah stronghold of Dhayieh in Beirut’s southern suburbs. I was quite surprised to find him open on the day that Nasrallah had commanded that all his supporters (especially the ones from Dhayieh) attend the demonstration in downtown Beirut, but this guy defied orders and kept his shop open, much to the dismay of his relatives. He told me that his father was calling him every few minutes demanding that he close for his own personal safety, because Hizbullah members had been sweeping through all the Shi’a-dominated neighborhoods, forcing business owners to close up and go down to the demonstrations. Our area is mostly Sunni, by the way, but this still did not entice customers into his shop just the same. I was his first customer today, and I will probably be the only one today. His shop is within line of sight from our apartment – I can see that he is still open, even as the demonstrations have begun. Good for him.

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