MSM Positioning Hillary

The MSM already has their “Hillary for President” campaign in full swing. It does not matter the the Democratic Party and it’s leaders are self destructing. The liberal entertainment industry and mainstream media is doing its best to lift them out of their hole.

Last week a poll come out about how Americans would view a woman as president.

More than six in 10 voters believe the United States is ready for a woman president in 2008 and 53 percent of the voters think Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a New York Democrat, should try for the job, a nationwide poll has found.


This was great news for the liberal Senator from Arkansas for New York. Now, today it came out on The Drudge Report that:

Coming soon, if ABC’s drama pilot “Commander in Chief” gets picked up.

Anticipating a run by Hillary Clinton, Geena Davis will star as the first female president of the United States!

Davis, a Democrat political activist, is set for the two-hour pilot with writer/director Rod Lurie.

The stars are starting to align themselves in the Hillary Camp.

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