More Syrian Terrorist Confessions

Here is another interview from Memri TV of a Syrian terrorist captured in Iraq who was helping slaughter Iraqis on orders from the Syrian regime:

Interviewer: Who gave the orders to slaughter those people?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: The Syrian intelligence.


Interviewer: Why? What did you have against these people?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: Sir, I have no idea. All they only told us was that the goal was to unite both countries. They would tell us these people were collaborators.

Interviewer: The sums you took – did you spend them on yourself, or did you return them to the Syrian intelligence?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: I returned them to Syrian intelligence.

Interviewer: Through Abu ‘Abdu?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: So Iraq has become a business.

Interviewer: But what was the goal of these acts? I want to understand one thing: What was the purpose of these acts? When your people slaughter someone they shout “Allah Akbar.” Allah is innocent of this crime. when he beheads [the victim] with an axe he shouts “Allah Akbar”… Brother, even when I slaughter a chicken I can’t eat it. You have brought people to such a mentality. How did you do this?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: With money, sir.

Interviewer: Money? So the goal was for these people to carry out the operations for money?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: So all the CDs that are circulating on the streets – All these acts of slaughter and other thing one is ashamed to mention – Why did you film them and circulate them?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: Sir, this is what the Syrian government wanted.

Interviewer: You mean there was a purpose behind this.

Fadi Al-Abdallah: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: What was the purpose of these acts?

Fadi Al-Abdallah: To terrorize the [Iraqi] people and make them hate the Americans and the new government.

Also: Here is a clip of a terrorist demonstrating how he killed an Iraqi.

And… Here is another terrorist confessing to murdering an Iraqi policeman.

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