Moldovan, Pasat, Continues Hunger Strike

Ex-Defense Minister Pasat continues hunger strike against the government:
According to him, Pasat has been on hunger strike for 17 days now. “He is now having a purifying dropper, because his kidney problems aggravate his condition,” he added.

Pasat was detained at Chisinau airport on March 11.

The prosecutors say the detention, arrest and the charges are normal parts of criminal investigation based exclusively on earlier gathered evidence. They deny any political undertones in this case.


Pasat has repeatedly said that his case is a political revenge of [Moldovan president] Vladimir Voronin.

Pasat’s lawyers intend to appeal the action of the Moldovan justice with the International Human Rights Court.

If found guilty Pasat may be sentenced to 5-12 years in prison.

“My client is convinced that by launching new and new criminal cases against him the prosecution is fulfilling a political order of Moldovan authorities. His evidence is ignored and therefore he refused to further testify until he is freed from custody,” the lawyer said.

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