Liberal Athletics

Go Dee Brown! Go Illini!

It was only a matter of time before the liberal mindset hit the sports world. In the truly capitalist system of sports designed to see the best rise to the top, one collegiate program won’t let go of the liberal beliefs that got them in trouble in the first place. Now, I hope my friends at IlliniPundit or Respublica or Sirens Song do not take offense to this but it is sadly true. Bill Clinton blamed Linda Tripp (and Ken Starr, etc.), John Kerry blamed The Swiftvets ( the secret service man for tripping him, Karl Rove, and anyone but himself) and the Illini blamed Iowa!

In the early nineties the University of Illinois Sports Programs were disciplined for rules violations. It came out in the press that the culprit (snitch) at the time worked for the University of Iowa and later moved to a new coaching job in Milwaukee. Tonight that school is going to play the Fighting Illini in the NCAA Round of 16. That’s all I’ve heard about all week. Let it Go! It is time for the Illini to stop complaing, stop blaming others, and Win You A Ball Game!


Update: Sleep well IlliniPundit. The Illini win, 77-63. The cycle is complete!

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