Kentucky Wildcats

Today we hear about the real Kentucky Wildcats. This story is just incredible on the brilliance of the Kentucky Guard and the military personnel in Iraq:

Reporting on Sunday’s big firefight, the U.S. military said MPs and artillery units from the Kentucky National Guard were traveling along a road 20 miles southeast of Baghdad around noon when 40 to 50 militants emerged from a grove of trees and a roadside canal firing automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.

The soldiers returned fire, killing or wounding all the insurgents in a field and driving away those attacking from the canal. Seven Americans were reported wounded, but no details were given on their conditions. Commanders said seven wounded insurgents and one unwounded attacker were captured.


The guerrilla death toll — 26 — was the highest in a single clash in Iraq

Update: Chrenkoff has a video link on his blog with apparently the whole episode being captured on tape up to the death of the terrorist camera man.

You must see this video! It is incredible!

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