Democrats – The Death Party?

Well, that is what America is going to be thinking and saying. Why some democrats want to come out and “push” for the death of Terry Shiavo is beyond me. I am sure that this will not help their re-election campaigns.

On FOX News just a few minutes ago the House Democrats held a press conference. Representatives from Florida and Virginia spoke about how the “government should stay out of such private family issues”. Imagine a democrat saying that there ought to be less government?

One representative brought up the Marriage Amendment.


The Virginia Representative, Jim Moran (D) said that this case has been decided by 19 different judges… many of them “conservative” judges. I sure would like to know how true that is.

Bob Bickel, the democrat commentator, who continually comes off as a man on the verge of a physical assault, said after the conference, “The fact that Congress is meeting today is despicable.”

I just can’t imagine how this is helping the democrat cause? I am even more confused with the fact that the democrats would want to paint themselves as “The Death Party”.

I talked with a very liberal friend of mine on Friday and she even was in favor of keeping the woman alive and that she thought the husband must just want money. This just can’t help the democrats. They picked the wrong battle.

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