Democracy Protests in Mongolia

Now they are protesting for democracy is Mongolia:

More than one thousand people marched in front of the Mongolian seat of government here demanding more democracy in a protest inspired by the revolt in Kyrgyzstan, witnesses said on Saturday.

However the Friday protest, organised by the Just Society-Civic Movement (JSCM), was forced back by a strong police presence amid cries of “the struggle by protestors in Kyrghyzstan led to the victory.”


In Mongolia, demonstrators claimed the JSCM had no ties with any of the major political parties, including the ex-communists which have been out of power since losing national elections in mid-2004.

They demanded the removal of corrupt officials and an investigation into former Prime Minister Nambaryn Enkhbayar and the diversion of 2.9 million US dollars of public funds.

Enkhbayar, who is currently president, was also accused of controlling and manipulating the media in his favour during the lead-up to the legislative elections held last June.

Witnesses said the protestors dispersed calmly but vowed to hold further demonstrations on April 7.

A presidential election is scheduled for May. Mongolia’s 2,6 million people have lived in a democracy since 1992, when 70 years of communist dictatorship came to end.

Update: Thanks to the “Great One”, Instapundit, for communicating the protest news and to the worldly gurus at Publius Pundit and The Argus.

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